Welcome to my page! 

Windsong is the sequel to my much loved début novel, Parisian Legacy. It is now available on Amazon and all major bookstores. You can also buy a signed, gift wrapped copies in my online shop. 

The book is initially available on Kindle and in Paperback, but I am currently recording it for Audible. Nobody can hear the voices of the characters quite as I can, having written them, so this time, I’ve decided to record Windsong myself! Watch this space for more news on this.

 I am incredibly proud of the beautiful book covers. It still feels like a dream when I see them side by side, as I realise my long-held dream of becoming a published author. All of you are part of this journey and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support and encouragement means so much!

Windsong is Book 2 in Legacy Books. If you haven’t read Parisian Legacy (Book 1) yet, you have a treat in store! I hope my stories will take you on a journey that transcends everyday life, yet with themes we can all relate to; tragedy, hope, love, misplaced trust and new beginnings. Enjoy the journey!