Arles and the Legacy of Van Gogh

House sitting in the south of France has enabled me to see so many beautiful places! Arles was a feast of colour and sunshine.

After a leisurely lunch under a shady tree, we strolled along the River Rhone to admire the view that inspired Van Gogh’s painting, The Starry Night. I was privileged to see the painting at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, a few years ago. It is spectacularly beautiful, but somehow, smaller than I expected. Perhaps that is because of the vastness of the gallery and it having its own spacious wall. (The painting is actually 74cm x 92cm)  

We explored narrow lanes, little boutiques and beautiful architecture. We even saw a wedding, with lots of bright petal confetti and a beautiful couple emerging from the church! There were just not enough hours in the day to see everything in Arles. Everywhere I looked there was a potential photograph! 

Van Gogh spent barely 18 months in Arles, and yet his legacy is everywhere. What a memorable day!

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