On my way to France!

Not looking like this probably, but you get the idea! Final packing is underway for an early departure in the morning. I’m so excited to be crossing the channel again, it has been too long! I’m taking the ferry over with my car, all the better for unrestricted luggage and all kinds of things I might need over the next 5 weeks! Tea bags were the first into the car. I never travel without them!

Last time I took the ferry I managed to trip on a raised door bar in the corridor, and before I knew it I had flown through the swing doors to the kitchen, straight into the arms of a startled chef! I’m hoping this time that the crossing will be event free!

I’m heading down to Montpellier to look after a lovely house and little cat. I have several stops planned en route, the first will be the Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley. I want to refresh my memories of this beautiful place, as it will feature in the sequel to Parisian Legacy. Stay tuned for more news over the next few days 😉