Parisian Legacy (Book 1) signed by Rosalie James




Parisian Legacy is the start of a wonderful journey into the Legacy Books. This is book 1, Parisian Legacy.

From artist studios in Montmartre, to the Côte d’Azur and couture houses of Paris and London in the fifties, Parisian Legacy is a sweeping story of love, betrayal and redemption.

Privilege, tragedy and family secrets shape the lives of Alice and Juniper, two young women brought together on the cusp of adulthood. When Alice’s parents are tragically killed, she moves to Paris to live with her mother’s society sister. Despite the opulence of her new life, she prefers the bohemian friends of her late parents and parties in Montmartre. It is here she meets her passionate first love, the enigmatic artist Xavier.

A chance meeting at the Dior salon in Paris, brings the pampered Juniper into Alice’s life, setting in motion the slow unravelling of their lives.

Years later, Juniper’s son mysteriously inherits Alice’s diaries, her Normandy home and forgotten artworks by the posthumously famous Xavier. When he finally uncovers the truth, it threatens everything he holds dear. A furore ensues when the art world hears of the ‘lost’ paintings, and a major Paris exhibition is the backdrop for life changing revelations, affirmations and new beginnings.

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