Windsong (Legacy Book 2) signed by Rosalie James


Windsong is a heart-warming story of hope, love and family –  Book 2 of the Legacy Books. It can be read as standalone but the pleasure is enhanced by reading Parisian Legacy, Book 1 first.

This copy of Windsong will be personally signed by the author and inscribed to you (or the person you wish to gift it to), upon request.

Windsong is a heart-warming story of hope, love and family.

From the healing sands of Captiva Island, to the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters in England and a beautiful château in France, Windsong celebrates the many facets of love and the pain we endure to uphold our truth.

When Lydia finds the courage to start a new life, she grapples with the legacy of a disinterested family, her own inadequacies and disappointments in love. ‘Can’t make him love me’ and ‘can’t have the man you love’,are typical refrains from her diary. She wouldn’t say she was desperate for love, no, but looking for love? Probably.

A  fragile stranger, himself recovering from a mysterious trauma, becomes the first of Lydia’s new friends. When she joins a sewing group and meets the gorgeous Jonathan, events take a turn that none of them could have anticipated.

Juniper struggles to understand why her daughter has cut her off, and she is lonely. When Christine de Courcy arrives on her doorstep, searching for her missing son, they bond over shared heartache and Juniper resolves to help her. When Christine’s son is eventually found, he is harbouring a secret that threatens everything he holds dear.

Just as Lydia feels she can sink no lower, she inherits a beach house on Captiva Island, and her life turns a corner. The turquoise seas of Windsong are the backdrop for new perspectives, joyful reconciliations and the reunion of friends.

Windsong explores the rich tapestry of life, and the belief that ultimately, love and the acceptance of who we are, is at the heart of everything.



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